Consider These Pest Prevention Tips from Wagar’s Pest Control Ltd.

Ways You Can Prevent Pests from Taking Over

As a pest control expert with over 50 years of experience, Wagar’s Pest Control Ltd. invites you to view these helpful pest prevention tips to keep your property protected against unwelcomed pests.

  • To prevent having bugs and rodents in your area, you need to keep your house clean. This means that you should not leave any uncovered garbage or waste products – indoors or outdoors – close to your property. The smell of waste products can attract cockroaches, ants, rats, etc.
  • To avoid having wasps, silverfish, etc., you should keep your bushes, plants, shrubs and trees away from your windows. These bugs are attracted by humidity and places that are not exposed to the sun. These bugs are usually found around homes, apartments, food chains and restaurants.
  • Keep your basements and attics well-ventilated and dry. Repair any leaky plumbing you may have.
  • The installation of gutters and proper drainage methods will not only channel water away from your structure, but also many unwanted pests as well.
  • Check all of your structure’s entry points for cracks or holes that pests may enter from and repair any damages you discover immediately. Also inspect all crevices around cabinets, caulking and baseboards. Remember, pests can hide just about anywhere.

Wagar’s Pest Control provides pest prevention contracts to commercial, residential and industrial clients in the Cornwall area. Please contact us for more details about our availability and competitive pricing!

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